• Have extensive logistics capabilities with our own storage facilities and fleet
  • Have very good expertise in the region where we work
  • Maintain longterm relationships and strengthened partnerships in global markets with key players
  • Manage petroleum market risk effectively
Trading of Oil & Petroleum Product

We are primarily focused on trade in crudeoil, refined products such as gasoil, gasoline, fueloil, naphta , kerosene and lpg. We source crude oil and oil products from a range of refineries and major suppliers, and we deal with a highly diversified customer base Both of which include major trading houses, power utilities, refiners, majors and national oil companies, etc.

  • Crudeoil
  • Fueloil
  • LPG
  • Gasoil
  • Gasoline
  • Naphta
  • Kerosene
Transportation and Logistic

Over the last 15 years, Ocean Energy has established its own logistic infrastructure and forwarder network. Ocean Energy mostly receives logistical support from its own subsidiaries apart from forwarder companies and delivers cargoes by any means of transport all over the world. Strategic direction of the company is focused on the transport corridors Europe-Caucasus-CIS Counties-Asia and Middle East.

Railway Transportation; our network allows us to carry out 24-hour services on Batumi/ Poti/ Baku Port/ Turkmenbashi Port.

Sea Transportation; we carry out sea transportation in the Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Gulf Region.

Road Transportation; our own fleet of more than 300 road trucks and 100 LPG road tankers allow us to be more flexible and fast service on the territories where we work.

We provide effective solutions through our subsidiaries and representatives in the regions where we work by using railroad, sea carriage and roadtankers and any kind of transshipment services. We are constantly developing alternative transportation models and routes to be able to challange with customers demands. Bu using the advantage of our own tank and leased tanks in CIS and Middle East regions we provide safe and reliable storage and blending facilites.

Our knowledge of global market and sources and our capabilities of blending, logistic and storage allows us to act on time and accurately to any need or demand.

Shipping & Chartering

To ensure same, timely and cost-efficient delivery we manage shipping and chartering operations. We have mainly been concentrating on the Caspian and Black Sea, the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Gulf markets.

Due to the company's geographical location and broad expertise in the Black Sea and Middle Eastern markets, Ocean Energy has intention to expand further in these regions with the ongoing goal to provide customers with a safe and reliable service, being an essential charterer by interacting with high standard ownership companies and agencies.

Risk Management

Financial, operational and market risks are an integral element of commodities trading and physical supply. They can be planned and managed. Ocean Energy maintains rigorous risk management strategies and minimize its price risks.

Investments & Project Management

OCEAN ENERGY are always keen on to expand the bilateral cooperation with the leading international companies to develop the oil & gas sector and logistic infrastructure especial in Middle East and Gulf Region.

We are working on the new investment projects to rehabilitate the oil pipelines, develop the oil fields, building of tank farms and bulk liquid terminals according to the international standards with collaboration of worldwide known international oil companies. OCEAN ENERGY and its group of companies have investments and miscellaneous new investment plans in the field of Upstream (exploration, drilling, oil&gas production) Midstream (pipeline, renewable energy) and Downstream ( refining, storage, distribution) projects.

Our Project Management team provides efficient project development, planning, managing and controlling all aspects of project as well as financing of the projects.